Exercise is Considered Medicine

‘Exercise is medicine’. This statement almost sounds like a slogan that a salesperson or your gym instructor could casually drop in to sell you on the importance of exercise. However, the truth is that exercise is medicine, and as per the latest studies, it can be replaced with medicine to cure certain conditions. This website is dedicated to addressing the various health conditions that people face and how exercise can help or even cure some of these ailments.For a long time, scientists and researches have recommended exercise and sports as a preventive measure against obesity and being overweight. However, as time has progressed, various studies have shown that you do not need to medicate all medical conditions. Some can be cured by simply taking up your favourite sport. So for some conditions, maybe all you need is to grab your sporting gear and head out to play that sport that you have always wanted to play.

Impact of sports on depression

According to various studies, depression can be cured by taking up your favourite sport. Studies have shown that sustained low-impact exercise promotes the release of neurotrophic factors that lead to the generation of new nerve cells that form new nerve connections. The new nerve connections can develop in the Amygdala, the part of the brain that controls emotion, which will help you feel better. Exercise also releases endorphins that give you a good feeling.Apart from depression, there are other conditions whose management can be made better either by exercise or can be used as an adjunct treatment. An example is a cancer. Studies have shown that exercise can help you manage the effects of chemo as well as cancer itself. At this point, you might be having questions like? How much exercise is enough? What other diseases does exercise help? If you have these questions and others then dive into the other sections.